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Bolton Hardware is your best source for wholesale door hardware. We are dedicated to manufacturing quality door hardware such as door hinges, door bolts, door locks and much more. Bolton Hardware services high quality door hardware to contractors, architects, designers and industry professionals at wholesale prices. We specialize in door hinges, door bolts, door knockers, door handles, door stoppers and door viewers.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or are building a new one, every aspect needs to be carefully planned out. When it comes to your home or business, you want decorative touches that are attractive as well as durable. Door hardware and hinges that match may not sound like a major deal to many, but you would be surprised what a difference matching door hardware makes!

At Bolton Hardware, you will find all you could possibly need for commercial or residential doors. Door hinges, commercial and entry door hardware, and brass, stainless steel and heavy duty hinges are just a few of the products we stock at wholesale prices. In a home, door hinges that coordinate with door handles and knobs can make much more of a difference than you might expect. While small details like this may tend not to matter in the grand scheme of things, it is often just these touches that complete a room and bring the look together. For your commercial needs, you will find that our door hinges and hardware are built to stand heavy duty operations. We have commercial spring door hinges and commercial door hardware that will stand up to even the harshest treatment. Whether you need one door hinge or dozens, we are the supplier of choice. Heavy duty hinges can be purchased or created for your doors. These are great for larger doors and doors that will be used as a front door. Any place where you’d like to tightly secure should use doors with heavy duty hinges. Many commercial businesses as well as residential home owners tend to ignore small details like worn hinges and door hardware, which can really detract from the appearance of your business or home. There is no need when you can replace these items at very low cost, and add a much cleaner, attractive look to any home or office.

Bolton Hardware is your best source for wholesale door hardware as local hardware store near you are usually too expensive. Once you have figured out what door hinges you’ll be using for the doors of your choice. Keep in mind that colors and designs of the other furniture that will be in the same room. For instance, if you have a bathroom sink with golden corners with leaf engravings, you could possibly find hinges with a similar style. We carry a variety of door hinges and you can be sure you will find right hinge at your on our large online store, try taking a look around our site. We are one of the largest door hardware dealers that sells door hinges.

We offer many door hinge options to compliment our door hardware. We supply a variety of door hinges including brass door hinges, heavy duty hinges & steel door hinges to cater to any type of home. We carry standard and decorative door hinges that are long lasting and built to perform robust operations . Bolton Hardware door hinges are available in brass, steel, stainless steel & brass and can be installed using screws. Spring hinges include single action spring hinges, double action spring hinges & adjustable stainless steel spring hinges.

While door hinges and hardware are a major part of our business, Bolton Hardware offers many other top quality products at the lowest prices available. We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality door hardware that money can buy. You can rest assured that you will get the best products and service whether you are a contractor, designer, architect or home owner.

For the really crafty people, we offer a large variety of lathes and related products such as combo lathes and mills, bench metal lathes, lathe chucks and metal lathe accessories. If you are considering creating your door hardware, you can use one of our metal lathes. Since most are metal and brass hinges, you can use a metal lathe to design your own hardware yourself. Lathes are machines used for woodturning, metal spinning, metalworking and glass works. Some of the lathes found are quite large, but there are mini lathes that can be used, if that’s what would best benefit your project. We are adding to our line a great assortment of lathes and related products. A few of the products you will find include mini metal lathes as well as small metal lathes. Whether you are looking for a mini or metal lathe, we have your needs covered! Take a look around Bolton Hardware see what deals you can find on metal lathes and mini metal lathes. When creating your tools, keep in mind their purpose. You want to ensure that they are very strong and will last a while or you’ll be right back in the garage or basement using your lathe to create more door hinges.

Getting the door hinges you desire shouldn’t be too difficult, especially since there is a large variety you can choose from. There are metal and brass hinges available in small, large and various finishes sometimes. Some of the most basic of designs and others have more attractive styles. It is important that when shopping for your hinges you know the size to get. Take proper measurements of the door frame and your wall to see how much coverage will be needed to properly install your doors. Or if you’ll be replacing a door hinge or two, take a measurement of the one(s) you will be taking off.

Getting your home set up the way you want shouldn’t seem like an impossible task for you to do, especially with all of the door hinges available today. You can find just about everything you need here at Bolton Hardware – just make sure you know what you’re getting before you purchase it. Take all measurements needed and know exactly what you want – soon your construction or remodeling work will be completed.

Bolton Hardware is your supplier for entry and commercial door hardware, as well as all types of hinges. Whatever you need for your doors, we have it, and you can depend on us to deliver the best customer service at the most affordable price.

When you need top of the line lathes, mini lathes and metal lathes or door hardware, door hinges and other door accessories, you can count on us to bring quality together with low prices. We are committed to bringing our customers the very best products, customer service you can count on, and prices you won't find elsewhere. At Bolton Hardware, your satisfaction is our number one concern!